Digital Commerce

Help your customers find what they need, before they know they need it.

Data drives digital commerce

Today, a digital presence is table stakes for staying in the game. No matter what industry you’re in, there are digital-first players who are dictating how business is now being done. We can help you leverage the power of your product data to deliver powerful, profitable digital customer experiences.


What are you looking to accomplish?

Product Data Management

Is your product data working for you or against you? EIS helps to ensure that your most valuable digital asset (your product data) is always complete, accurate, and relevant. We design sustainable workflows that help you keep it that way.


Site Merchandising

Do your merchandizers have the information they need to market and sell your products effectively? Our experts will design rich product experiences to unleash revenue opportunities and improve customer satisfaction.  

Content Publishing

Is the need to produce and publish content for high volume commerce sites slowing you down? EIS helps you build content models and measurement strategies for digital content.  Create once and publish everywhere.


Personalized Experiences

Are you struggling to create personalized experiences for your customers? EIS helps you develop the programs to bring all of the moving parts together: content, product information, customer journey, and enterprise knowledge.


Increased organic search equivalent to $2M in paid search

Read how we helped this component manufacturing company achieve world-class product data and realize the business benefits from improved product findability, a stronger taxonomy, and better governance.

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B2B firms are now joining the race to offer a world-class digital customer experience as a competitive advantage and a sales accelerator. 


The display taxonomy on an ecommerce website is the backbone of the customer experience. 


EIS's digital commerce experts share insider best practices for maximizing your B2B digital experience in this series of six 15-minute, one-on-one conversations.  


The process doesn’t start with evaluations of PIM vendors – rather, it starts with getting your data, taxonomies, and processes in order.