Retail & Consumer Goods

Specialized collections. Curated assortments.  Personalized recommendations. Targeted offers. Retailers give customers more ways to shop – and more-targeted ways to shop – than ever before. Like omnichannel commerce, omnichannel communication becomes the norm.


It's all about context.

Context is the difference between one-size-for-all and just-right-for-me.   Bringing precisely the right content and offerings to the right customers at the right time requires systems that understand the context of each. We design product categories, create taxonomies, and optimize the way product attributes are inherited. This is what makes your content more valuable, makes your systems smarter, and allows your organization to act in unison, with greater nuance and accuracy.   Managing the technology stack and making sure it benefits the business on a large scale requires processes and people. We work with you to establish sustainable governance, measure results, and make sure you have capable publishing workflows, and content-lifecycle processes.  


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