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Knowledge Architecture is the Foundation of a Digital Transformation

Standards lead to efficiency – differentiation leads to competitive advantage.  

Your company competes based on its collective knowledge – of solutions, customer needs, innovative designs and how your products and services fit into the competitive landscape of the marketplace.  

Digital transformations need to address how internal teams collaborate, capture, and access their knowledge and expertise – speed and friction-free knowledge flows get your solutions to market faster and improve efficiencies throughout the organization.  

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We build the knowledge scaffolding that underpins a contextual user experience regardless of the channel employed.

A well-designed knowledge architecture ensures that systems can exchange information quickly and efficiently.  It improves the way in which people collaborate, share insights, and solve problems.  

Knowledge architecture forms the underpinning of AI-powered knowledge retrieval bots and enables a fully contextualized experience for both internal and external audiences.

Knowledge architecture will help your organization realize the goal of getting “the right information to the right people at the right time” – the holy grail of knowledge management.   


Product Data Management

The growth and domination of the online channel is determining who wins and who loses in both B2C and B2B commerce.

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Content Optimization

In an increasingly noisy market, customers expect personalized content in moment that matter, at every step of the buyer journey.

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Customer Engagement

Customer engagement, not price, is the strategic differentiator for commerce today.

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We organize your data, both internal and external, structured and unstructured, and provide the framework to build contextualized experiences for your customers.
Personalized User Experience brings unstructured and structured data together.
Drive internal data to build efficiency and make your teams more effective
Digital Workplace
Drive internal data to build efficiency and make your teams more effective

In an efficient digital workplace, people can get their jobs done with maximum productivity and minimum rework. In contrast, when people waste time and energy endlessly searching for or recreating valuable information assets, costs increase, employees get frustrated, and the quality of customer service declines.

Learn how to use ontology, information architecture, and well-designed workflows to speed the upstream processes needed to serve the marketplace.

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Increase profits through a personalized customer experience
Digital Commerce
Increase profits through a personalized customer experience

By understanding customer needs in a highly specific way (through “high fidelity journey maps” combined with detailed user scenarios), your digital commerce experience can be designed to reflect your customer’s “mental model.” Customers can find what they need because your systems can anticipate their needs and serve it up proactively, enhancing profits and customer satisfaction. 

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Increase profits through a personalized customer experience
Learn How to Harness Ontologies to Power Enterprise Level Business

“The winners and losers of the next fifteen years will be determined by who best harnesses AI for solving business problems for employees and customers,” - Seth Earley

Combining a sophisticated explanation of how AI works with a practical approach to applying it to a range of business problems, THE AI-POWERED ENTERPRISE is a must read for CEOs, CMOs and technology executives – along with anyone who wants to understand the role of AI and how to get a jump on the opportunities it presents.

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Most AI technologies require some element of knowledge engineering, information architecture, and high-quality data sources to function.


Explore the issues that continue to plague AI projects and take away actionable steps to improve AI program outcomes. 

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How your enterprise data can help you stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

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