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We understand that your product data, customer data, content, and knowledge bases are your most important digital assets. Optimizing these assets will accelerate your brand and customer experience, maximize digital commerce and streamline your operations.

Transform Your Digital Enterprise to Leverage Corporate Knowledge


Assess Your Digital Business

Our methodology begins with assessing your digital maturity. We then craft a new strategy and articulate your vision to transform your enterprise. We help realign your capabilities and technology investments to adopt new ways of doing business. We identify the gaps and what it will take to close them. Then we work with you to develop initiatives that consider people, process, technology, and content.

Build Governance

We help you establish alignment among your stakeholders, and sustain traction in how you manage information, one achievable step at a time. We take a holistic approach with sustainability as a core requirement for strategy, process, people, data, infrastructure, and execution.

Knowledge Management

Your organization can eliminate silos, connect people to authoritative information, and support collaboration. A solid knowledge management program will help employees and customers benefit from the tacit knowledge of experts, enrich enterprise information, and make it more findable. We help you develop an enterprise knowledge architecture that reveals insights and accelerates your operations.

Design and Implement Advanced Technologies for Improved Efficiency


Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

EIS helps identify the people and processes in your business that could be assisted by machine learning techniques. Through the use of ontologies, we build the “knowledge scaffolding” required to enable AI-powered solutions. We design the systems and processes needed for effective analytics, including tools, taxonomies, and metadata. 

Virtual Assistants & Chatbots

EIS helps organizations build search-based virtual assistants and chatbots. These tools require curation, well-structured content, and a well-designed information architecture. We guide our clients through the many decisions that need to be made about the application of technology, content strategy, and user experience and interactions.

Technology Roadmaps & Vendor Selection

Plan your path to implementing powerful technologies in complex environments. We work with key stakeholders and help your team to identify priorities, opportunities and dependencies.  Our independent, agnostic vendor evaluations ensure the right fit for your organization.

Learn How to Harness Ontologies To Power Enterprise Level Business

“The winners and losers of the next fifteen years will be determined by who best harnesses AI for solving business problems for employees and customers,” - Seth Earley

Combining a sophisticated explanation of how AI works with a practical approach to applying it to a range of business problems, THE AI-POWERED ENTERPRISE is a must read for CEOs, CMOs and technology executives – along with anyone who wants to understand the role of AI and how to get a jump on the opportunities it presents. Available now!

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Personalize Customer Journeys with Human-centered Information Architecture


Enterprise Taxonomy & Reference Metadata

Enterprises--especially complex ones--need a common language for information and data to allow systems and silos to integrate.  We guide your business toward a unified understanding of its information sources and design an information framework with the flexibility and contextualization needed to accommodate all your business practices.

Turnkey Knowledge Portals

EIS develops knowledge portals that provide a single interface to aggregated enterprise information for customer support, manufacturing process, sales, and other processes. Our portals provide personalized access to knowledge and insights based on user profiles, roles, business processes, and other context-related information.

Navigation & Site Search Optimization

Get more from your current search platform and improve the findability of your products and documents. Through audit and gap analysis we prepare recommendations that improve the relevance of search results, and help you meet your engagement and conversion goals.

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Searching for Gold: Harnessing the Power of Taxonomy and Metadata to Improve Search

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Optimize Customer Experience with Smart Data Practices


Product Data Cleansing & Normalization

Digital commerce needs high quality product information presented in consistent, meaningful ways. EIS helps aggregate, cleanse, enrich, and syndicate product information throughout the information supply chain, inbound and outbound feeds, upstream and downstream, throughout the customer journey.

Product Catalogs & Item Attributes Design

Clear organizing principles and a well-implemented taxonomy can make your product catalog easier to search, faster to navigate, and better aligned with what prospective buyers expect. A rational top-down attribute inheritance model minimizes the number of clicks needed to get to the right products and supports world class site search and SEO.

Content Operations at Scale and Speed

Seamless personalized experiences depend on high quality, well architected data and content, both internal and external.  We help get the right information from the design, procurement, and publishing stages out to company sites and systems by fine-tuning the information supply chain and content operations. Assessing and understanding the collaboration and handoffs from one process to another helps our clients create and enrich product content in a coordinated way, minimizing breakdowns, disconnects or lapses in data quality management.

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Optimize Your Digital Information Architecture for Enhanced Customer Experience

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